Similan Videos

To get a better idea about a Similan diving safari we have included a sample of videos we have found on YouTube and Vimeo.

HD Manta Ray Footage

Filmed during the Last trip of the season on Coral Grand’s Queen Scuba Liveaboard. Dive sites include Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock.

Similan Diving YouTube Information

Published on 23 May 2012

Music: Concert by Alexander Blu

Videography: Alan Tansey

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Manta Ray at Koh Bon

filmed during liveaboard, february 2013

Similan Diving Video Manta Ray YouTube Information

Published on 2 May 2010

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Mantas Playing at Koh Bon

Mantas Playing at Koh Bon by Jannik Pedersen.

A fantastic day of diving with two curious and playful manta rays at Koh Bon 

Jannik Pedersen

Diving with Manta Rays is one of the highlights on a Similan Diving Safari. It is really Similan diving at it’s best. Jannik says to check out the end of the video to witness the amazing behaviour of the Giant manta rays. Koh Bon is considered the best place to dive with a Manta Ray Thailand.

Manta Ray Thailand Vimeo Information

Published on 20 Nov 2011

Video: Jannik Pedersen

Filmed on: Canon S95 & Inon UWL-H100 28LD wide conversion lens

Music: Dario G

Similan Islands & Mergui Archipelago

Similan Islands & Mergui Archipelago by Jannik Pedersen.

This Vimeo video is described by photographer Jannik Pedersen as a collection of his best photographs shot whilst working as a dive guide. Jannik was a dive master on the Similan liveaboard MV Similan Jazz.  He worked both in the Similan Islands, Thailand and the Mergui Archipelago, Burma.

Similan Islands Vimeo Information

Published on 4 Dec 2011

All photos: Jannik Pedersen

Music: Orbital